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All sessions are conducted by our highly trained staff insuring the highest standards in safety and returning optimum results!  
Treatments are tailored to you as an individual.  Manual and machine/tool based techniques are determined  by what is needed to enhance your overal healing.

We are excited to be a part of your wellness and healing journey!

Sugarstone Spa recommended tips for best results:

No matter which option (or combination of services) you choose, here are some ALMOST mandatory rules to achieve results that last:

  • Full body lymphatic massage- we suggest in addition to the package you pick, that clients schedule at least one (1) Balance and Centered massage at Sugarstone Spa. This can be done at the beginning or in the middle of your sessions. This full body lymphatic massage helps with moving toxins and waste that make your internal sewer system (otherwise known as your lymphatic system) stagnant and sluggish. Flushing out noticeable or unnoticeable fluid allows your body aesthetician to really get in and tackle stubborn areas.

  • WEAR YOUR FAJA- these medical grade compression garments are not just for post op clients. These garments have been used in Caribbean and Hispanic cultures for centuries, commonly right after childbirth, to immediately assist in restoring the lymphatic system, moving fluid correctly, and giving a desired shape. Sugarstone Spa carries LYMPHFITDEEVA fajas and comprehensive active wear in house for purchase.

  • Low sodium diet- doesn't not just refer to a low or no salt diet. We provide you with a list of do's and don'ts while you are receiving your sessions to maximize and maintain results!

  • WATER and green tea are two amazing helpers as you slim and tone your physique! Water is a natural waist / waste dropper and green tea is great to tackle abdominal fat and waste.

  • Adding probiotics- through foods such as yogurt or supplements is a bonus for your whole body, especially your get health!

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