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Product Recommendations

Below you will find a list of products that we recommend. 

To access the product link, click the link to the product that you desire. 

Please submit a contact form if you have any issues.

Thank you!

For Sugarstone Spa’s "Sugared Svelte Oil", click here:

For Sugarstone Spa’s "Salted Svelte w/ Arnica Oil", click here:

For Raw Desire Candles, click here:

Image by Terri Bleeker


Fajas (Women’s)


Fajas (Men’s)


Compression Socks


Leg/Arm Compression Garments

Chin Compression Garments

Slices Pineapple

Recovery Essentials


Hand held Muscle Rollers


Ice Packs/Ice Rollers


Mastectomy Pillows


Mastectomy Pillows for Driving


Boppy Pillows


Full Body Pregnancy Pillows

Wedge Pillows

Vibration Plates


Image by Bailey Heedick


Greens Powder


Bulk Coconut Waters


Hot Tea

Blood Builders



Low Sodium Snacks


Low Sodium Seasonings

Tribal Slippers



Fuzzy/Grippy Socks



Seamless Tank Tops (Women’s/Men’s)

Crystal Salt

Recovery Essentials Cont'd.

Antibacterial Body Wash


Epsom Salt​

Scar Healing​

BBL Toilet Seat Lifter


For Wound Healing


Wound Dressings (Gauze, etc.)


Claw Grabber Tool


Ab/Back Boards

Hydrogen Peroxide (gets blood out of clothing)

Plastic Sheets for right after surgery

Image by Wallace Fonseca

Recovery Essentials Cont'd. 

Arnica Gel/Cream


XL Bathing Body Wipes


BBL Pillow




Waist Trainers (AFTER given clearance)


TV Table


Bendable Straws

Female Urinal


Male Urinal

Activities for During Recovery (If You're Bored)

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