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Oncology Recovery

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The healing never stops...

So what exactly is oncology massage?

"Oncology Massage is not a technique. It is a comprehensive approach that involves thorough assessment and adjustments made by the massage therapist to standard massage modalities." (



I am currently ongoing treatment. Can I still recieve a massage?

Our properly trained oncology massage therapist can provide safe and effective massage for any person at any stage of their cancer journey: during and after treatment, in remission, cure or at the end of life

How long are the sessions?

All our initial sessions are 90mins.  That includes the intake, consultation, and massage.

All sessions to follow can range from 45mins - 90mins depending on evaluation during the intial massage.

Is it safe? Will it spread the cancer throughout my body?
What if I am in radiation treatment; can I still recieve a massage?

The skin may be sensitive to touch after external radiation therapy. It may look red and appear sunburnt. If you are having radiation therapy, you should avoid massage to the treated area once any skin changes appear or your skin becomes sensitive.

We advise clients to wait 3 days after radiation treatment to recieve oncology massage.


Simply put, here is an example:

Radiation was specific to the upper left leg for 6 weeks

We will ABSOLUTELY NOT massage the upper left leg for 6 weeks after the last day of radiation treatment.

What can I expect in my session?


Research shows that massage of muscle and soft tissue does not spread cancer cells. body-based practices on people having cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery can:

  • Improve quality of life

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Help with the management of pain

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Reduce unpleasant sensation from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN)

  • Increase function in areas affected by scar tissue resulting from surgery and radiation

  • Reduce post-surgical swelling and support rehabilitation and recovery

  • Support the lymph system and assist with lymphedema management

  • Improve body awareness and image

  • Increase mood and energy positively

You can expect to relax, decopress, recieve and comfort, all while recieving adequate, high-end health care.

You will be proped and positioned so that you are comfortable and not compromising treatment or causing pain.

How will I feel after my session? I'm already always exhausted.
What should I bring to my appointment?

Clients feel the following after a session:








Though rare, there is the likelihood that you may feel the following, not so pleasent side effects for a few hours after your session. This is also more common after the clients first session. If this persist for more than a few hours or you are just uncertain about how you feel, please call us:



*Some areas may feel more tender, but NOT in pain or discomfort

*Slightly nauseous (often depending on how close to treatment the session takes place)

Please bring the following to your appointment:

* Oncologist or PCP script/note stating that you are able to recieve oncology massage

* A list of current and past medications

* Anything that gives you comfort (optional) (throw blanket, teddy bears, small pillow, etc.)

* A loved one (optional)

* An open mind and spirit

I would like to include my oncologist 

YES! We strongly encourage you to let your oncologist know that you are recieving massage from a trained provider, assuming they didn't refer you to us! We encourage open communication between us, your entire medical team, and your personal support system!

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