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Sauna and Detox


Sauna & Detox

A sauna session simplifies and speeds up the detox process, thanks to its exceptionally hot ambiance that makes you sweat profusely. So much so that you sweat like you would during a heavy workout or just about any extensive physical activity. 

Sugarstone Spa's Sauna and Detox services can be purchased individually but come highly recommended in a package of three (3) sessions over 7-10 days. This is perfect especially if you are looking to start a new diet or nutritional cleansing (ie: a 10 day green juice bowel/colon detox).

Sugarstone Spa boast a beautiful infrared, Bluetooth capable sauna room. Select your desired aroma therapy and escape the world for 45mins as you relax, detox, and decompress.

You begin your session with our body aesthetician applying a formulated anti-inflammatory and healing clay to targeted areas. This clay allows you to benefit from sweating without swelling!

At the conclusion of your session, you are cleaned up by your body aesthetician, so that you can go about your day. We do encourage showering that same day to further avoid reabsorption.

some best practices for sure that can help you have an optimum sauna session, which include: 

  1. Avoiding undertaking any intensive physical activity 30-45 minutes before your sauna session. 

  2. If you’ve just had a workout session at the gym or any other vigorous exercise, you should rest for at least half an hour. 

  3. Drink plenty of water not only before and after the sauna therapy but also in between the session as you’re sure to lose a lot of body fluids via sweat.

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